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Motto: Touching the world one life at a time


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This Community Development Initiative (CDI) was created as a means of connecting ‘the church’ to ‘the community’. At some point in time, almost everyone experiences hardship or disappointment.  During these times, it is important to have a safe place to turn for support and guidance. CDI’s help to enhance communities by educating and inspiring people to rise above adversity and to reach their goals. The mission of Enspired is to provide a variety of programs and services to assist those in need.


Currently available:

- Food Assistance*

- Clothes Closet*

Coming Soon:

- Computer Literacy Classes

- Career Center

- Financial Workshops


If you would like to make an investment in improving the lives of others; be it with supplies, a monetary donation or by volunteering your time, contact us today!



Enlightened Mentor Program:

In 2011, the Enlightened Mentor Program, was organized to assist with the need for guidance and positive reinforcement in lives of boys, in the Tampa Bay area. In 2016, the program expanded to include girls as well. Our mission is to establish a network of young individuals who will be bold, heroic, faithful, and determined to succeed in all areas of life.

Over the past five years we have provided group as well as one-on-one mentoring, educational field trips, financial workshops, and physical fitness training in an attempt to help shape young adults into well rounded citizens. The program continues to provide participants with a support network of peers and mentors. Regular meeting and events are held throughout the year in order to facilitate a greater impact in the lives of the participants.

Our vision is to create a safe environment where participants are equally educated and entertained. Sponsors help to ensure we are able to offer programs to participants at little or no cost.

Our current focus areas are: literacy and fitness.


Assures young people that they are cared about and that they are not alone. Guidance when facing difficult decisions or dealing with day to day life.

Research supports that quality mentoring can promote all-around well-being. Mentoring encourages personal growth and provides socio-economic opportunities.


Economic Development – expand opportunities for low-income and/or undereducated persons with workforce preparation and entrepreneur training.


Enspired is a Community Development Initiative (CDI) which was created to encourage and inspire people to be their best.

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