Pastor Robert Alexander

Robert is looking to do a good job for God through Christ Jesus. His goal is to infuse the word of God into the life of anyone that will receive this life changing experience. His focus is on the spiritual growth and development of each person he comes in contact with.


Rather than have a large group of people his idea is to train people to go out and be a disciple of Christ and show others how their life has been transformed by the renewing of their mind.


As he prayed for direction there were 5 things given to him.. 1) Build me an army of believers...2) Show my power through signs and wonders...3) Establish me a church and make me disciples...4) The wealth of the unjust/wicked will be transferred into your hands...5) Reason not with men for in the end they shall keep their reasons and not change.


Robert attended Mount Tabor Bible College where he graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Theology


Robert is a strong believer in a well-balanced life. He believes we should be business owners as well as spiritual leaders that teaches spiritual insight coupled with natural laws.